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Zookeeny allows both logged in users and anonymous users to upload images. Logged in users can upload albums of up to 50 images at 10MB each image. Anonymous users can upload up to 10 images per album and images must be below 5MB.

When you upload an image, you will be given the choice of marking the image NSWF and/or Public. When an image is marked NSFW, it is only be shown to users who have agreed to view mature content. When you mark an image as public, it will be shown in the gallery and in searches. When marked as not public, images and albums will only be able to be viewed by direct link through personal sharing.

When viewing the gallery, you can view both recent images and popular images. Also, you can narrow down what's shown in the gallery by looking through specific gardens.

You have the option to set images or albums as favorites, which you can then view easily on your account page.

Click the .gifs to play them. Click them again to make them stop. We don't automatically play .gifs because that would be intense.

No, please don't use zookeeny as a content delivery service.

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