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Our Privacy Policy

About the information we collect

When you perform actions on Zookeeny.com, such as uploading an image or viewing an album, some information is automatically collected. Examples of these pieces of information are your ip address, type of connection, browser type, incoming and outgoing connections, etc. At the time of collection, we are not associating the information with any identified person to do anything else other then what is needed to run Zookeeny.com.

We do show ads on Zookeeny.com. The parties that show these ads use information about your visit to this site and other sites to show you advertisements about goods/services that are relevant to your interests.

Zookeeny.com gives users the option to store private images on Zookeeny.com. This means that particular image or album can only be viewed by the specific link that can reach it - and will not show up in search and in the gallery. That's great in theory, but as a general rule, you should know that anything that gets uploaded on to the internet has the potential to be compromised and viewed by others. So, with this being said, just because something is marked as private on Zookeeny.com, does not guarantee it will be so. Likewise, Zookeeny.com offers users the option to not show images in the gallery, but still allow them to be directly viewed. In this same way, Zookeeny.com cannot guarantee that images not marked public will be not shown in the gallery. No image uploaded to Zookeeny.com is ever completely hidden.

If you do not agree with the terms found in our privacy policy or our terms of service, then please do not use Zookeeny.com.

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