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Terms Of Service

The Long And Short Of It

If you use Zookeeny.com in any way, whether it be as an uploader or a casual browser, you are agreeing to these Terms Of Service and our Privacy Policy in a contractual way.

Zookeeny.com reserves the right to disable or delete entirely any file/files that violates this Terms Of Service, compromises the security of our servers, or is considered undesirable by us. These definitions are defined at our sole discretion.

Zookeeny.com is not to be used as a content delivery service, also known as a cdn. If we find you have used Zookeeny.com in this way, you will be banned, the websites you linked to will be banned, and all offending content will be deleted. If someone else owns the copyright to an image you are uploading, don't upload it. Do not upload anything illegal - such as child porn, revenge porn, extreme gore, etc. We will contact the authorities if necessary.

If you choose to make the images you upload public, you agree they will be shown in the gallery for others to see, vote, and comment on, among other actions they may perform.

If you upload a file, you represent and warrant to us that in doing so you are not violating anyone else's rights and that you created the content you are uploading or have legal right to complete the upload. Do not upload copyrighted content that you do not have the right to upload.

Currently, Zookeeny.com doesn't plan to delete any image after a point of inactivity.

Zookeeny will not be held liable for any damages you may incur by using Zookeeny.com for any reason under the sun. You use Zookeeny.com at your own risk, and if you do not agree with our terms of service and our Privacy Policy, then do not use Zookeeny.com.

Zookeeny.com reserves the right to change these terms and our Privacy Policy at any time, without notice, and for any reason.

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